Thebesplayers : Mortal Kombat X's Jason Voorhees Gets Unmasked

The face of masked murderer Jason Voorhees has never been revealed in fighting game . However, a forum post on the forums shows a preview of a mod called Camera Hack being developed for the PC version of the game. The hack unmasks Jason to reveal that developer NetherRealm Studios did put effort into modelling the character’s facial appearance, despite the fact that it was never meant to be seen in-game.

Jason in Friday the 13th (2009 remake)

Granted, the Mortal Kombat X version doesn’t look as disfigured as other iterations of the character that have been present in the movies, but he does sport a few scars. It’s likely the character’s facial model was animated so that it would not look out of place during fatalities. through the Jason Voorhees bundle. Players who own the $30 Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack were able to access the character from May 5. The Jason Voorhees Bundle can otherwise be purchased on May 12 for $8.

Mortal Kombat X back in April. The game scored an eight in , praised for its solid fighting mechanics and the challenges offered, but criticized for its monetization model.

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