Thebesplayers : Killing Floor 2 Will Ban Racist, Sexist, and Other Abusive Players

We’re all used to skipping right through end-user license agreements (EULA) when we install new games, but you should take a moment to read ‘s EULA, especially if you’re planning on being a jerk in the game.

In part six, titled “Cheats, Cheating and Abusive Behaviors,” developer Tripwire Interactive says it reserves the right to ban cheaters, and anyone who behaves in a way it finds detrimental to other players.

“This includes, but is not limited to, ‘griefing’, racist bigotry, sexism or any other forms of ‘cyber bullying,'” the EULA reads. “We will also not tolerate anyone hosting servers for the game where such behaviors are continually or repeatedly allowed to take place.

“If we find you are a Cheater or Abusive, we will revoke your CD key and ban you from the KF2 servers and tell your mom! Your license will automatically terminate, without notice, and you will have no right to play KF2 or any KF2 Mods against other players or make any other use of KF2. End of story.”

In short, Tripwire expects you to play nice, or else.

Some players complained that Tripwire shouldn’t reserve the right to ban players for this type of behavior, but that this decision will not effect “99.999%” of the population.

“It’s there so that, if at some point in the future, some individual gets utterly out of control and is being abusive to enough thousands of people to come to our attention – we can actually take action,” Tripwire said.

hit Steam Early Access on April 21, and is slated for a final release on and in 2015. For more on the game, check out .

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