Thebesplayers : Killer Instinct's Next Character Teased in Halo's Arbiter Trailer

Halo’s Arbiter is set to , but if you want to know who else comes with the fighting game’s third season, then a new tease might help you figure it out.

The unannounced character is teased at the end of the most recent Arbiter trailer. The teaser starts around two minutes into the video and features an abandoned viking ship that’s surrounded by ice, snow, and corpses. The character’s sword comes into view, then we get a series of shots that don’t quite reveal who he is.

YouTube commenters believe that the character is barbarian Tusk. That fits the bill, as Tusk wears fur leather boots, sports blonde hair, and wields a sword just like the character in the teaser.

We will keep you updated when new characters are officially announced for .

Killer Instinct will see a graphics overhaul in an upcoming update. You can .

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