Thebesplayers : Kanye West Is at E3 2015, Playing Uncharted 4, Star Wars, and Halo 5

Did you know that Kanye West is walking the halls of E3, checking out games likeand ? He totally is. We saw him enter Sony’s demo room this afternoon, and others spotted the rapper on the show floor at the Xbox booth and elsewhere earlier in the day.

Here’s a picture of Kanye meeting with Rich Taylor of the Entertainment Software Association, which is the group that puts on E3 every year.

Kanye also played –and he actually smiled.

According to online accounts, Kanye and also played the lovely-looking, Disney-esque .

He also apparently cut people in line to play .

We’ve also learned that Kanye’s E3 2015 badge simply says “Kanye West,” which sounds about right.

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