Thebesplayers : Halo 5 Dev Working on Grifball Issues

received Grifball in a recent update, but it’s not working as perfectly as some may have hoped. The Halo community has brought a couple issues to developer 343 Industries’ attention, including one that could ban players by accident (via ).

The accidental banning of players stems from the Gravity Hammer, which is used in Grifball as a form of defensive play. It causes splash damage, which often results in unwilling betrayal; after getting hit by a friendly a number of times, Halo 5 sends a message, asking if you’d like to “Mark the Betrayer.” If you choose “Okay,” the betrayer is disconnected from play, while “Dismiss” does exactly what it says. The problem is that the message can pop up unexpectedly, and players can select to ban the player by complete accident.

343 says it’s looking into . However, it isn’t the only problem Grifball seems to have. Reddit user found an exploit that allowed them to . Another Reddit user, who goes by , found a different exploit that allowed them to leave the arena entirely. You can .

The developer has responded to both exploits and let players know they’re working on fixes. Despite the mode’s issues, Grifball seems to have been received well by the community. One Reddit user even discovered that .

Sports seem to be on the mind of Halo players, as Reddit user has shown off a . You can check out “Spartan Basketball” right here .

In other Halo 5 news, 343 Industries has .

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