Thebesplayers : Halo 5 Cover Art Introduces Mysterious New Spartans

Microsoft on Tuesday published the final cover art for this October’s shooter. The company released pieces of the art you see below last week through its social channels, but revealed the full image today. And it’s quite striking and different from the art we’ve seen in the past.

While Master Chief enjoyed the spotlight alone for the and cover art (among others), things are different for his latest outing. As you can see in the image embedded in this post, Chief is joined by newcomer Spartan Locke, who will play a major role in the game; he’s even a for some portions.

What’s more, we also see mysterious Spartan fireteams supporting both Chief and Locke. Microsoft says in a that these Spartan soldiers will “play a crucial role in the showdown between the Master Chief and Spartan Locke.”

But who are they? Microsoft didn’t reveal any details today. Instead, the company says fans can expect information about these new characters to be revealed during .

Halo 5 .

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