Thebesplayers : GTA Drama Casts Bill Paxton as Anti-Game Lawyer Jack Thompson — Report

Bill Paxton, an Emmy-nominated actor who’s had prominent roles in films such as Apollo 13, Aliens, and Titanic, is in talk to join the cast of the upcoming .

The news comes from , which writes that Paxton is “in negotiations” to take on the antagonistic role of Jack Thompson. A Miami attorney, as an outspoken opponent of violence in video games; he also attempted to prevent the release of Rockstar-developed titles such as and . for his behavior during those court proceedings.

Earlier this month, the Hollywood Reporter revealed details that Daniel Radcliffe, known for his starring role in the Harry Potter films, is .

Rockstar is not actively involved in the production, and former writers for earlier GTA games have expressed some trepidations that the compared to the true experience of development.

But in other film-making GTA news, the PC version of released today, which includes a host . That makes it possible for you to create your own personal documentary of GTA from within GTA.


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