Thebesplayers : GTA 5's In-Game Phone Works With This Modder's iPhone App

It’s only been a few weeks since was released on , and the game’s modding scene is just getting started, but we’re already seeing some amazing, . While it’s not technically modifying the game, the coolest if not the most practical mod we’ve seen recently makes the GTA V’s in-game phone work with a real iPhone app.

The mod was created by a user who goes by the handle . The mod recreates the in-game app on iPhone using Xcode. Inputs on the iPhone send a URL to an Arduino webserver, which then sends the inputs into the game via keybinding macros. I can’t think of a good reason to use a real iPhone to control the in-game phone, but as you can see in the video below, it’s just impressive that the app works at all.

For more on GTA V modding, don’t miss and the rest of .

Unfortunately, you may have trouble installing these mods now. According to members of the , rendered Script Hook V, a tool used for GTA V mods, unusable. This is forcing those who wish to continue using mods to revert to older versions of the patch, which you can only do if you’ve made backups ahead of time or are willing to download older files online from unofficial sources.

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