Thebesplayers : GTA 5 Has a Hidden Playable Bigfoot Character

Diehard Grand Theft Auto fans have long believed Bigfoot to be present in some of the series’ recent games. That includes , and now, following its latest update, we know the Sasquatch is not only in the game, but it (he?) is a sort of playable character.

Among other things, the brought the version’s replay editor to and and added a new Achievement/Trophy called Cryptozoologist. This tasks players with collecting all animals for use in Director mode, which is done by scattered throughout the game world. Reddit user YourAdultFriend that the description for the Achievement/Trophy seemed to tease there were more animals, as it reads, “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?”

Since the update came out, another Reddit user, rkRusty, set out to information datamined from the the game. This included coordinates for a in the Chiliad State Wilderness, and it’s here that a golden peyote is located that unlocks Bigfoot.

If you’re wondering why someone hadn’t happened upon the special peyote before now, that’s because of the extremely specific requirements that need to be met for it to show up. In order to find it, you need to have completed the game, the weather needs to be foggy, and it needs to be sometime between roughly 5:30 AM and 8 AM on a Tuesday (in-game). There are other qualifications, too, like collecting all of the other peyote and sparing the Sasquatch during a mission where you help to hunt it (or someone dressed like one) down.

YouTube channel ran through this process and was able to play as Bigfoot, as you can see in the video above. You can still drive vehicles and fire weapons, but there is reportedly no first-person mode available. This is all deemed a hallucination, allowing you to leave it at anytime.

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