Thebesplayers : EA's PGA Tour Game Doesn't Have The Masters, But The Golf Club (Kinda) Does

The Masters, one of the most high-profile events in all of golf,appear in this year’s . That was tough news to hear for fans of the sport who wanted to virtually walk the hallowed grounds of Augusta National and compete for a Green Jacket.

But golf video game fans can enjoy a Masters-style experience through , an unlicensed golf game developed by HB Studios.

has the story.

Using the game’s course creator tool, dedicated gamer created his own version of Augusta National, calling it “Magnolia National.” The course, available for all to play for free, is a pretty faithful recreation of Augusta National.

While there’s no Jim Nantz on the call or the, Magnolia National does feature Augusta’s famous holes and surroundings, including. Check out the video above and some images in the gallery below for a closer look.

You can find Magnolia National in The Golf Club today by selecting “All Courses” and then searching for “Magnolia.” The course is available on all platforms: , , and .

And if you’re an Xbox fan on the fence about picking up The Golf Club, the game is, but that deal ends tomorrow, so you’ll need to act quickly.

The real world Masters tournament began on Thursday and the championship round is tomorrow, April 12.


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