Thebesplayers : E3 2015 Wednesday Recap: Uncharted 4, Hololens, and No Man's Sky

The press conferences are all done, and now is when we get to dive into games and actually experience all of the things we’ve heard so much about. And everyday on our stage show, we highlight some of the biggest games with new information that you might not have heard about yet. In case you missed them, catch up with our recaps for:

Sunday MondayTuesdayWednesday Stage Show HighlightsCheck out all the extras in the Divinity Original Sin: Extended Edition The Xbox gets a slate of new features and a new controller that you can check out hereWhile we want to explore the world on our own, every little bit of new No Man’s Sky footage is just as exciting. Things We Learned on the Show FloorUncharted 4 will be the final chapter in the franchise. Kanye West made an appearance at this year’s E3. Check out KanyeSpot.comWhy is Fallout 4 set in Boston? We find the answer. Top Videos

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