Thebesplayers : E3 2015 Sunday Recap: Fallout 4, Gears of War Rumors, and Nintendo Classics

Bethesda’s first ever pre-E3 press conference made the usually quiet Sunday before E3 a noisy and jam-packed one, with plenty of reveals, rumors, and news spilling out during the day. From Gears of War leaks to various tidbits revealed at the Nintendo World Championships, and all the way up to a hugely successful inaugural Bethesda press conference, there was plenty to digest–and E3 hasn’t officially started yet!

Hot News

News of a by a Russian website. Oops.

An actual .

Earthbound fans rejoiced as .

More leaks! .

And E3 darling .

Bethesda Blowout

Doom looks crunchy, and Bethesda .

Not only is Fallout 4 huge, but it’s also .

And there were plenty of other news from the .

Watch it. Live it.

And finally, check out some screens from the big game of today–Fallout 4.

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