Thebesplayers : Conker's Bad Fur Day Project Spark DLC Is a $5, Hour-Long Episode

Episode 1 of Conker’s Bad Fur Day DLC for that was will cost $5, and will take you about an hour to complete, developer Team Dakota has announced.

Conker’s Big Reunion episode 1, as Team Dakota is calling it, was made with the same Project Spark tools that are available to players, and is meant to play like what you’d expect from a Conker game, an action-platformer with a dirty sense of humor. If you want to make your own Conker content, you can purchase the Conker Mega Pack, which includes the Conker Creation Pack (containing more than 350 Conker assets), Conker’s Big Reunion, and Champions Quest Episode 1 for $10.

The Conker content will hit Project Spark on April 23.

“I don’t know what is in store for Conker beyond Project Spark (and Conker’s inclusion here is not limiting other plans for this irreverent squirrel), but I’m hoping that Conker’s Big Reunion is going to set the bar for how to build a great Conker game,” Team Dakota Design Director Brad Rebh said.

Team Dakota didn’t say if or when it plans to release new episodes, but invited players to create more Conker games using the Conker Creation Pack.

Microsoft stressed the point that Conker’s inclusion in Project Spark doesn’t limit the company from any other plans it might have for the character. Last month, at Rare or another studio the moment, but that Microsoft hasn’t ruled out the possibility either.

Project Spark, which lets players create their own game content, is free to download on and Windows 8.1

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