Thebesplayers : Check Out This Glorious New Screenshot for Non-Fantasy RPG Kingdom Come

The “non-fantasy” medieval role-playing game is making some excellent progress. Ex-Mafia designer and project lead Daniel Vavra tweeted the above screenshot this week. The pic is stunning on its own, but the fact that the game is a project makes it that much more impressive. This kind of polish tends to require a lot of extra work and money, neither of which Kickstarted games can often afford.

Kingdom Come is an RPG set in 1403, but without the dragons, the magic, or the men with staves in pointy hats. Instead, the game is set to focus on “skills-based” mini games to do things like make weapons and distill alcohol.

Players will have four different layers of armor, each with 20 different slots for different bits of equipment. How much you’re wearing will affect how NPCs see you and how you’re treated within the world. Thanks to , Kingdom Come will come with a bevy of dogs and dog-related quests.

The Early Access alpha for Kingdom Come , but a release date for the full game has not been announced. For more coverage of the game, check .

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