Thebesplayers : Check Out Our Amazing GTA 5 Peeps Diorama

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We have a annual competition here at the CBS Interactive building around Easter that involves creating a diorama using Peeps, those sickly sweet, sugar-coated marshmallows that are only available this time year. For GameSpot’s entry in the company-wide contest, we went with a -inspired theme: Grand Theft Peep.

Judging for the contest won’t wrap until the end of the day, but we’re pretty sure we have the winning entry. A few highlights that you’ll find in the gallery below:

  • A flying* police helicopter
  • A Peep soliciting another Peep for “services”
  • A rampaging orange Peep (and the star of our diorama) in an epic standoff against the cops
  • Miniature bunny Peeps on all of the money
  • A slightly charred Peep hidden behind the burning wreckage of a car

*Note: Helicopter is not actually flying.

We’ll update you with whether we won the competition, or whether we destroyed the competition so completely that there are no longer any other departments left at CBSi except GameSpot.

This wasn’t the work of one-person, though. GameSpot staff who lent their talents to the project included: Mary Kish (the project’s creative lead), Rob Handlery (Lighting and Demolitions), Neha Tiwari (Costume Design), Synthia Weires (Key Grip), and me (Lead Peep Taster).

If we seem a bit pre-occupied with GTA at the moment, it’s probably because of the imminent release of the -, – PC version of GTA 5. The game came out on Xbox 360 and PS3 back in September 2013, and it’s . You can catch up on , though we hope this diorama will encourage Rockstar to include an unlockable Peep mode somewhere down the line.

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