Thebesplayers : Check Out Killing Floor 2's Next Map

Developer Tripwire has revealed the first details regarding the next map coming to, along with some screenshots of what it looks like before being covered in blood.

In the first “State of the Killing Floor 2 Union Address,” as Tripwire is calling it, the developer explains on its some steps it’s taking to resolve bugs and crashes, including some new systems it’s putting in place to better track what’s causing these problems.

More excitingly, it also showed off Manor, a new work-in-progress map coming to the game. Set on the Swiss cliffside, Manor is described as a “modern fortress” filled with secrets. You can check out some images in the gallery above.

Tripwire says Killing Floor 2’s first content update is “closing in,” though exactly what it will contain has not yet been detailed. We do, however, know the developer is working on other new maps, weapons, perks, characters, bosses, and gameplay balancing.

Following a recent beta, Killing Floor 2 is now available in Early Access for $30. It plays reasonably well–Tripwire considers it a “polished beta”–but offers only a limited amount of content (there are only three maps currently). For some thoughts on where it is now, check out .

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