Thebesplayers : Bungie Responds to Destiny Taken King Controversy

‘s next expansion The Taken King comes out in September, and it will have a couple different editions to buy. One of them, , costs $80 and includes several in-game items that cannot be purchased separately.

Trying to understand this decision, interviewed The Taken King’s creative director. Instead of clarifying anything, this interview confused the choice even more. Eurogamer asked the director about the emotes that are only available with the collector’s edition, and he responded, “If I fired up a video right now and showed you the emotes you would throw money at the screen.”

The interview on the internet, and it motivated developer Bungie to respond. Bungie’s community manager, known as Deej, took to to try to quell some of the anger. He stated that, along with giving exclusive rewards to one-year players, Bungie will take another look at the different editions for purchase.

“I understand that you want me to go on record right now with something that will address the disappointment that’s being expressed here,” Deej wrote. “I’m going to [defer] to the Bungie Weekly Update, in which we’ll talk more about the things we’re doing to celebrate the year-one Guardians who helped us build this community. I’ll also revisit our goals in offering different versions of The Taken King. Ever heard the old adage about trying to please everyone?”

The Weekly Update will be published on Thursday, so check back later in the week on GameSpot for more news about Bungie’s response to this controversy. In the meantime, read our previews of and .

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