Thebesplayers : BioWare Producer Asks If You'd Play a Dragon Age "Tactics" Game

Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah has a question for you: “Would you play a Dragon Age Tactics game?” He’s launched a Twitter poll asking fans to weigh in. Something to note here is that by “tactics” he something along the lines of tactical franchises like or .

Your options are “Yes,” “No,” “Only on PC,” and “Only mobile/handheld.” Voting closes later today, so if you want your voice heard, now is the time to submit your response.

There is no guarantee that BioWare will indeed make a turn-based Dragon Age tactics game, of course, but it’s still interesting to think about.

Darrah also clarified that if this game were to happen, it would not replace the mainline Dragon Age series, something fans will probably enjoy hearing.

This would also be a “full game,” he mentioned.

Like the , 2014’s allowed you to play from a top-down view for some portions, which amounted to something of a more tactical experience.

Inquisition is the latest entry in the main series; no new games have been announced.

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