Thebesplayers : Best Comic Book Covers This Week

Every Wednesday is new comic book day and hundreds of comic books hit local comic shops and the digital market. While many readers pick books based on the creative teams involved or the stories and characters contained within, each comic is trying its best to grasp the consumer’s attention with its cover.

Each week, we will be highlighting some of the best comic book cover art from the past week’s releases and discussing the artists involved. Here’s what caught our eye this week.

Monstress #3 by Sana Takeda makes the cut this week. What’s great about this cover is the amount of detail that went into this art, mainly in the background of the piece. Alongside that, the color palette chosen for this cover flows incredibly well.

Annie Wu’s signature style hits the cover for Black Canary #7. There’s a great balance of positive and negative space and the way these characters are set up on the page, a tad off-center, allows the reader to spend more time looking over the characters and detail in the piece.

The first of two covers for Old Man Logan #1 this week is by Mike Deodato and Frank Martin Jr. The rain effect is really cool as it hits Logan on the shoulders. There’s also a few moments from Logan’s past towards the top, including Thor’s hammer and Red Skull’s face on Mt Rushmore. It’s a nice addition for fans of the original story.

Marvel has been producing hip-hop variants, which pay homage to classic album covers, and this week Old Man Logan #1 by Tim Bradstreet pays homage to It’s a great match to the original album cover but with a bit of Tim Bradstreet’s artistic flavor to it.

The always entertaining Chew, featuring a cover by Rob Guillory, makes the list this week. Humorous covers get overlooked, but Guillory’s style shouldn’t be. He truly gets the tone of the book across on this cover and puts the two leads of the book into a rodeo atmosphere. Who doesn’t want to see Tony Chu riding a bull?

Cary Nord’s cover for Suicide Squad Most Wanted: Deadshot and Katana #1 was pretty fantastic. This cover features a quiet look at one of the book’s stars, Katana. The random ink splatters across the cover give the cover a very cool look, making it a stand-out on the shelves.

The extremely long titled Guidebook To the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger #1 features cover art by Mike Del Mundo. Everything about this cover screams “awesome,” from the color choices for the overall piece to the action Del Mundo thrusts the reader into, to the cloud openings making a ghastly face.

Finally, here’s Bloodshot Reborn #10 by Lewis LaRosa and Brian Reber. There were quite a few covers for the opening of this new arc, but what sets LaRosa and Reber’s piece apart is that it gives a great summation of the interior story, set up in a way that’s really appealing.

That’s it for this week. If there’s a cover you loved, let us know.

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