Thebesplayers : Battlefield Hardline Players Earned $901 Billion of In-Game Cash

players have earned $901 billion of in-game cash—enough to cover the United States’ 2013 budget deficit—since the game was released on March 17.

Publisher Electronic Arts revealed the number in a new infographic that shares some other impressive figures about the game.

Overall, players have put in more than 2 billion minutes into Battlefield Hardline, or 3,800 years of game time. The law prevailed most of that time, with cops winning 52 percent of total of matches.

Hotwire, a new mode to the Battlefield series in which players have to hold on to and drive vehicles to earn points for their team, was the most popular game mode. It was followed by Battlefield’s traditional Conquest mode and Heist, another cops-and-criminals-themed mode in which players fight over bundles of cash.

We recently learned that Battlefield Hardline has of its vehicle, which certainly makes sense considering that so far it has killed 80,477 players.

You can find all of these and more interesting figures about the game in the infographic below. While these numbers certainly seem big, EA has yet to release any actual sales figures or how many people are currently playing the game.

In other Battlefield Hardline news, EA today confirmed that Steve Papoutsis, who’s been at the publisher for 15 years and worked on the franchise and Battlefield Hardline, .

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