thebesplayers – Paladins Beta Introduces Siege Game Mode Changes in CBT Update 22

Paladins, the free-to-play team based combat title from Hi-Rez Studios, has reworked the classic Siege Mode in the game to be more of a round based affair. Capturing points and escorting the Siege Engine to the enemy base each award an objective point. If your team nets 4 points, you win. If you are currently escorting the payload, upon death you will respawn at the capture point.

Players will also be given the ability to spend credits in between rounds on “Burn Cards.” These were previously the shared cards but now can be used to specifically counteract any particular strategy your opponents may be using. Swapping decks between rounds also allows players some “on-the-fly” versatility.

This should give players something to experiment with while they wait for patch 23 which will add Drogoz, the Greedy to the champion lineup.

For all the rest of patch 22’s goodness, check out the full patch notes.

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