thebesplayers – NCSoft Reveals WildStar’s Mondo Zax As Newest Master X Master Fighter

Master X Master’s newest combatant is one of those pesky chua mad scientists from WildStar, Mondo Zax. He’s a crafty support master with a fair bit of offensive and defensive tricks up his (short) sleeves.

Mondo’s primary strength is his to summon bots, each of which serves a different purpose, providing both an passive and activated boost. His prism bot cloaks Mondo and his allies while buffing Mondo’s weapon damage; the bruiser bot taunts monsters and smacks them in the face; the artillery bot fires mortar shells in both large barrages and as single shells; while the repair bot shields allies. Only one bot can be in play at a time, so effectively rotating through them to fit the situation is key.

“Finally, what’s a mad scientist without a giant laser?” Good question, and Mondo comes well equipped to answer it. His ultimate skill brings down a laser beam from the heavens that’s slow-moving but deals heavy damage. All in all, Mondo Zax looks like a very versatile master who can fulfill a variety of roles and be a welcome addition to just about any team. You can learn more about him via his page on the Master X Master site.

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