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This guide provides an overview of the Legion reputations needed for Broken Isles Diplomat, which in turn is needed for Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One. As you gain reputation with these factions, you can purchase gear, toys, and special shoulder enchants. This information is not yet final, as the Alpha is still in progress. Tonight’s build added major changes, including pets, totems, and artifact-related items, so we’ve updated!

Gaining Reputation

Reputation is not as grindy as Warlords of Draenor.

  • A handful of story quests grant reputation.
  • World quests in each zone give reputation, usually 250. If a World quest gives reputation, it will state it on the in-game tooltip. World quests are available on the map for varying amounts of time and require you to be 110. These send you to do different things like killing rares, elites, a number of regular mobs, or even winning a pet battle.
  • An additional way to gain reputation is to complete 4 World quests for a featured faction. When you open up your map, you will see what the featured faction is at the bottom-left. You will gain additional reputation for completing this objective, as well as a cache of loot. You can have up to 3 active Emissary quests at once, so you don’t need to worry about logging in every day to keep up with Emissary quests.
  • Insignias can be found in treasure chests around the Broken Isles and award 200 reputation. You do not need to be 110 to loot an insignia. These are Bind on Account.

The Nightfallen require an additional step, as you start off Unfriendly with them. You must complete the Nightfallen But Not Forgotten chain to unlock the world quests. The Nightborne are addicted to magic, so you must collect Ancient Mana to earn their trust. We have the full questline as a video:

The Nightfallen

These exiled Nightborne elves suffer withdrawals after being cut off from the Nightwell. They oppose their people’s alliance with the Legion and fight for some kind of redemption.

Emissary: Syndras


  • Boon of the Manaseeker
  • Mobile Telemancy Beacon
  • Braided Manastring Cinch
  • Extinguished Eye
  • Home Made Party Mask
  • Scroll of Elun’dris
  • Mana-Soaked Amethyst Pendant
  • Nightfallen Tabard

Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110, completing the quests required for Nightfallen But Not Forgotten in Suramar, then completing World Quests. Loot Nightfallen Insignia from treasure chests.


These are the chosen warriors of Odyn, sworn to his service in life and death.

Emissary: Valdemar Stormseeker


  • Vrykul Toy Boat
  • Boon of the Salvager
  • Death’s Door Charm
  • Sunborne Val’kyr
  • Valajar Runepriest’s Vesture
  • Rod of the Ascended
  • Legplates of Forgotten Myth
  • Valarjar Tabard

Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Stormheim. Loot Valarjar Insignia from treasure chests.

The Wardens

After Legion forces broke the Vault of the Wardens with the aid of Gul’dan, what few Wardens remain are determined to rebuild their prison and hunt down the terrifying beasts that were let loose when it fell.

Emissary: Marin Bladewing


  • Fledgling Warden Owl
  • Legion Pocket Portal
  • Syxsehnz Rod
  • Vault Patroller’s Warboots
  • Drape of the Patient Hunter
  • Boon of the Bloodhunter
  • Warden’s Tabard

Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, which are spread out across Broken Isle zones. Loot Wardens Insignia from treasure chests.


The druids and their allies in Val’sharah have guarded the Emerald Dream since time immemorial.

Emissary: Sylvia Hartshorn


  • Path of Elothir
  • Boon of the Harvester
  • Tear of the Green Aspect
  • Moonfeather Statue
  • Pendant of the Moon Temple
  • Pauldrons of Entwined Roots
  • Dreamweaver Initiate’s Tabard

Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Val’sharah. Loot Dreamweaver Insignia from treasure chests.

Highmountain Tribe

The Highmountain Tribe has dwindled in numbers over the years, and with the drogbar threat looming, seek new allies to save their homeland.

Emissary: Ransa Greyfeather


  • Whitewater Carp
  • Bloodtotem War Harness
  • Boon of the Butcher
  • Rivermane War Harness
  • Windfall Totem
  • Baby Elderhorn
  • Darkshard Fragment
  • Harpy-Hunter’s Gloves
  • Log
  • Skyhorn War Harness
  • Mountainforged Chain Hauberk
  • Tabard of the Highmountain Tribe
  • Totem Tote
  • Highmountain War Harness

Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Highmountain. Loot Highmountain Tribe Insignia from treasure chests.

Court of Farondis

The ghostly Court of Farondis and its allies continue the fight against an onslaught of invaders on the cursed island of Azsuna.

Emissary: Veridis Fallon


  • Enchanted Stone Whistle
  • Vainglorious Draught
  • Syriel Crescentfall’s Notes: Ravenguard
  • Beginner’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting
  • Boon of the Gemfinder
  • Court Scribe
  • Gaudy Cadet’s Scarf
  • Once-Fashionable Nar’thalas Leggings
  • Court of Farondis Tabard

Reputation Earned By: Hitting 110 and completing World Quests, mostly found in Azsuna. Loot Court of Farondis Insignia from treasure chests.

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