thebesplayers | Heroes Of The Storm Spotlight Trailer Highlights Medivh

A new Hero is slated to join the ranks in the Nexu, and he has some pretty sweet abilities. Medivh, the last Guardian of Tirisfal, will join the battle in the free-to-play MOBA Heroes of the Storm as a ranged specialist. His abilities include a highly useful portal that can be placed strategically on the map and two crowd control Heroic Abilities. These are Poly Bomb, which allows Medivh to transform opposing Heroes into flying sheep, and Ley Line Seal which freezes the enemy in place for a few seconds.

A nice bonus on both of the Heroic Abilities is that they can be used on more than one enemy at a time. Ley Line Seal shuts down everyone it hits upon being used — although they do have a chance to step out of the way if they see it coming. Poly Bomb, on the other hand, features a chain effect. Once it dissipates on one person, it will affect any of their allies standing near them, and will keep going as long as they’re standing close enough together.

Medivh’s Trait is also incredibly handy. Rather than riding a mount, he transforms into a raven capable of flying over all the terrain in a map. While in this form, he’s untouchable, so he can easily view the map and report back to his team.

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