thebesplayers | Guild Wars 2 Devs Describe Keep Construct Raid Boss

The next raid wing for Guild Wars 2, Stronghold of the Fallen, will be going live next Tuesday, June 14. One of the big baddies players will have to face is the Keep Construct, a mishmash of statue pieces cobbled together by the villainous White Mantle, who were major antagonists of the original Guild Wars.

If you need a quick history lesson, ArenaNet’s got you covered in its latest dev blog video, featuring Game Designer Jason Reynolds and Narrative Lead Bobby Stein. In addition to the background information, Reynolds and Stein get into how the Keep Construct came together (in a manner of speaking) and how it was adjusted for both lore and gameplay reasons. As Reynolds puts it, initial design was underwhelming, so the team added some “flair” to make it more White Mantle-y.

You can check out the brief Keep Construct teaser video from yesterday if you want to see the big guy in motion. Or just wait until next Tuesday, when it’ll be able to stomp you into the dirt.

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