General : Legacy Quest – Cross Platform Hack-n-Slash Launches on thebesplayers

Nexon has announced that its hack-n-slash mobile RPG, Legacy Quest, has officially launched. Legacy Quest is available for both Android and iOS devices via Google Play or iTunes. To celebrate the announcement, Nexon has released a new trailer that you can see below in our exclusive premier. Check it out!

Blending breath-taking voxel-inspired 3D graphics with an action-packed handheld RPG gaming experience, Legacy Quest brings a wonderful universe full of non-stop monster-slaying hack and slash combat to the hands of mobile gamers around the world. Meanwhile, taking full advantage of today’s high-powered mobile processors and sensitive touch screens, the game’s tactical, skill-based elements provide fast-paced depth for more advanced, traditional RPG players.

You can learn more on the Legacy Quest site.

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