thebesplayers | GW2 PvP Season 3 Starts Next Week

GW2 PvP Season 3 will start next week with some changes to amulets and balances.

A message from the PvP Team:

Hi all,

PvP League Season 3 is just around the corner, and with that we’d like to let you know about a few upcoming PvP amulet changes.

The following changes will take effect on May 17:

  • Mercenary Amulet will no longer be available for use.
  • The cost for Viper’s Amulet will be eliminated. Anyone who had purchased this amulet prior to May 17 will be refunded the full purchase price via in-game mail.

On a related note, the balance team has been keeping an eye on how things have settled after the April 19 release, and you can expect some adjustments to some outlier skills with the launch of PvP League Season 3. More news on that front next week.


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