Friday tidbits: Overwatch of Thrones, Trek swimsuits, and a Cat Girl Without Salad –

Hooboy. Another interesting week has come and gone: Oculus VR’s attempts to thwart piracy have backfired tremendously, E3 has launched a new public side event to revitalize the show, Danielle daydreamed about dating Zarya, and Laura… well, Laura’s working through her issues.

I, meanwhile, am still at the news desk. So let’s look back at some of the smaller stories from the past week, shall we?

  • Late-night host Conan “Clueless Gamer” O’Brien invites Game of Thrones stars Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey to play Overwatch with him, and it goes about as well as you might expect.
  • Total War: Warhammer — or Total Warhammer, if you will — has caught on like a Californian hillside in August, becoming the fastest selling Total War game on Steam. We liked it quite a lot as well, in fact!
  • Cat Girl Without Salad! (below) was a totally fake, definitely not-real April Fool’s game Wayforward Technologies pranked the internet with in 2013, but now it’s an actual, bona fide, real game. And it’s included in the latest Humble Bundle.

Friday tidbits: Overwatch of Thrones, Trek swimsuits, and a Cat Girl Without Salad -

  • Last week, nine-year-old Cleveland resident Bryce was heartbroken when his treasured binder of Pokemon cards was stolen right out of his hands as he walked down the street. The binder was recovered, but some of the cards were missing — so police officer James Grotenrath offered his own card collection to replace them. 
  • My good pal Phil Kollar is up at Polygon this week (as he is wont to do) with a fantastic deep dive into the upcoming reboot of Mirror’s Edge, stuffed with interviews and factoids about the original. 
  • Eurogamer’s Wesley Yin-Poole has been doing some digging of his own, reporting on the untold story of a Legacy of Kain sequel we never got to see.
  • Dragon Quest Builders is Dragon Quest plus Minecraft. That in itself should tickle plenty of players’ fancies, but you’ll be additionally pleased to know that it’s been confirmed for a Western release.
  • These Star Trek: The Next Generation inspired swimsuits are way cuter than what the cast wore for swimwear on the actual show.
  • Look at this cat trying to swat a bird off Bastion’s finger. Just look at them.

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