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Up-and-coming organization Creation Esports has been investing in several competitive scenes, but none more than in Overwatch. Their recent move includes the pick-up of European top team #FlatEarth.

Those of you who have been following competitive Overwatch since before the Beta break know that Creation Esports used to sponsor their own team. The old Creation Esports never really achieved big success, only ever reaching one Semi-Final, but the interest still stayed for the organization to invets in the scene.

Of course this investment has shown in their King of the Watch tournament  series, but now CE is also back with a new team sponsorship: they have picked up the players of #FlatEarth:

Creation Esports

  • Rasmus “Draceus” Waern
  • Jean-Louis : KnoXxXx” Boyer
  • Artur “art1er” Boxania
  • Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin
  • Seb “Numlocked” Barton
  • Jose Antonio Ramos “Bromas” Glez
  • Michael “Mitsy” Debus


The Owner of CE had this to say of the pick-up:

“We’re very happy to welcome the #FlatEarth squad to our family here at Creation eSports. It’s been a long few months and after a lot of negotiations with several teams, we feel that this is the best moving forward. I’ve had enormous amounts of respect for all the FE players for a while now, and it’s always fun seeing them play in tournaments. They are all extremely talented, have great personalities, and are super professional and hard working.

I expect great things from them in the future and am looking forward to seeing them thrive and become one of the best teams in the world (although they already are imho ^^)”

We asked the players of the team for their thoughts, but they were (understandably) busy with their preparation for Overkill.

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