Community Spotlight: thebesplayers Weeklies #10 Highlight Compilation

You like highlight reels, we like highlight reels, so here’s a cool highlight reel of our last weekend of GosuGamers Weeklies!

Something that has been a part of the gaming community ever since the first Call of Duty games, and even before that, is the creation of highlight reels of amazing plays. Shooters especially can create many eyecatching moments in the form of headshot/quickscope/frag compilations, and Overwatch isn’t any different. 

With the number of GosuGamers Weeklies we’ve organized (10 weekends worth!), there are plenty of cool moments to choose from. The guys over at BlizzHeroes Highlights decided that our last weekend on its own provided more than enough amazing plays (of the game) to put together a fun little exposition of what is possible in Overwatch.

There won’t be any GosuGamers Weeklies this weekend, but instead we’ve set up an stacked league in the form of Overkill. Overkill started yesterday with several EU matches, and today we will continue with a bunch of NA matches including Cloud9 vs Team Liquid and EnVyUs vs Luminosity Gaming. Tune in 02:00 AM CEST/ 8 pm EST/5 pm PDT for the start of the broadcast over at Twitch.TV/GosuGamers.

For more competitive Overwatch news and features, follow us on @GosuOverwatch.

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