Blizzard Removing Alpha Access As Punishment –

Blizzard Removing Alpha Access As Punishment -

After a feedback thread escalated last night, it seems Blizzard have punished those that acted out on the forums. Both Legion and Overwatch access has been removed for many of those that took part in the “memestorm”!

The thread in question popped up after there were a number of stability issues with the Alpha servers. Players couldn’t log in to test the raids that were scheduled, namely the first Mythic bosses to open for testing.

It quickly escalated into personal insults and threats, a barrage of memes and “jokes” spanning topics such as 9/11 and terrorism. It seems Blizzard have since revoked the access of these players to the Legion Alpha and Overwatch Beta for an undisclosed period of time. 

While it’s understandable that people take time out to prepare for these events, access to the Alpha is still a privilege. One of the MVPs on the US realms summed it up perfectly:

Alpha access is a privilege not a right. Alphas by nature are NOT stable and will have issues. Sure, it sucks to set apart time to test and have it not work out. However, resorting to the trolling and nonsense that happened there is not ok. It was not harmless and demonstrated that some people really don’t understand what the purpose of an Alpha is or how to provide polite and constructive feedback. Sure, you are free to act like that, but others don’t have to put up with you. Sometimes people simply need to deal with the consequences of their actions.


We also saw a blue post from Watcher apologising for the problems over the raid testing night.


Blizzard Removing Alpha Access As Punishment -
Watcher on the Raid Tests


Obviously we’ve been experiencing significant technical issues. We’ve been trying to diagnose them, but they’re beyond the scope of anything that can be addressed in the short-term (infrastructure/back-end issues, as opposed to just a simple code bug that can be fixed). As such, we’re canceling today’s tests. They’ll be rescheduled.
I realize it’s frustrating to carve time out of your schedule and then be unable to actually play. If there were anything we could do to prevent this, we would, but an alpha/beta environment is inherently less stable and polished because of how things are changing constantly, both in obvious player-facing ways but also in terms of behind-the-scenes tech. I apologize, but I honestly can’t say that it won’t happen again – it might. The disclaimers that accompany each raid testing announcement aren’t just empty words.

So, what do you think? Was the punishment fair? Should it have been more, or less, severe?

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