BaseTradeTV is back with their Control-only tournament, OnlyWatch –

BaseTradeTV has rescheduled their first Control-only tournament, featuring a base prize pool of $510, to April 19th!​

Amidst a storm of debate over the right way to do competitive Overwatch, BaseTradeTV stands out with the way their tournament is set up. As a Control-only tournament, there is no offense or defense, and therefore, no stopwatch. Instead two teams face off on a symmetrical map, juking it out to gain control of the point that sits in the middle. With OnlyWatch, we get a chance to see what a Control-based tournament might be.

With their OnlyWatch tournament, BaseTradeTV stands to impress with nail-biting games between teams both new and old. The tournament is open, and signups for it will be done through GosuGamers here. Last week’s tournament made for some exciting games, and you can expect this one to as well. Teams will duke it out for control of the point and a prize of $510 increasable by Matcherino donations, as well as 6 Corsair Headsets and Blizzard Overwatch hats.

General Information:

  • April 19th, starting at 10:00am PDT
  • Single elimination open bracket, open to all but played only on European servers
  • All matches Bo3 until Bo5 finals
  • All matches played on Control (Ilios, Lijang Tower, Nepal)
  • Teams coinflip to choose first map, then loser picks the next one
  • Prize pool: $510 + Matcherino + 6 Corsair Headsets + Blizzard Overwatch hats
  • Casters: Rifkin, ZombieGrub, and Drennoc on the BaseTradeTV Twitch channel

Registrations for OnlyWatch are now open on GosuGamers here.

For more information, check out BaseTradeTV’s official page for this installment of OnlyWatch.

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