10 Massive X-Men Villains That Could Follow Apocalypse on thebesplayers

			10 Massive X-Men Villains That Could Follow Apocalypse on thebesplayers
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For the longeat time, Apocalypse was the big bad that the X-Men films had yet to touch. He was constantly there, ready to be used for some film down the line and, finally, this summer, he’ll get his call. So with such a massive character off the board, it begs the question of just who the future X-Men movies will have the team face off against.

There are still plenty of quality villains on the shelf and a lot of it is going to be determined by what kind of story they want to tell with the next film. What themes are important, which X-Men will take centre stage, and what does the world look like after Apocalypse? These are all questions that need answering to find a suitable threat next time out.

On a broad scale, the X-Men films have been very good about handling their villains. They’ve generally presented strong characters with varied agendas and vastly different levels of power. It’s kept things interesting and brought new ideas and threats to the table. That trend ought to continue going forward.

So who’s it going to be? Looking across the X-Men’s vast history, these ten are the mutants and creatures powerful enough to pose a threat to the greatest of heroes and deep enough to support a meaningful character on film. Singer, you better be listening.

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